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Original Civil War Artists' Drawings

Julian Scott (1846-1901) 3rd Vermont Infantry. Medal of Honor winner and listed American artist.  The following study sketches are from Scott's sketch books.  Provenance: Kramer Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, to Cowan’s Auction Company, Cincinnati, OH, to Earl Robinson.  
OrionPortrait.jpg (117766 bytes) Pencil Portrait.  This haunting and beautifully drawn portrait is marked Orion Caperon along with the dates 1812, 13, & 14.  The subject is an older man wearing a uniform overcoat with distinctive Confederate infantry "I" buttons.  I have found listings for Orion Capron on-line, but none with Southern attributes.  The identity of this man that Scott obviously found worthy is at this moment unknown.  It is dated 1864 and signed. $ 900
JS28 Cavalry Battle.jpg (135381 bytes) JS28.  Cavalry battle figural study.  This came out of Scott's sketch book and was likely finished as part of an oil painting.  Unsigned on artist's paper. $ 350
JS06Take5.jpg (42145 bytes) JS06.  Sketch of musicians taking a break along a roadside.  Scott was a fifer, but when the newspapers mistakenly called him a drummer boy when he won the Medal of Honor, he did nothing the rest of his life to correct the misperception.  Unsigned pencil sketch on 1866 watermarked artist’s paper, 5" X 7". $ 250
JS13FiguresCutoff.jpg (72397 bytes) JS13.  Figure Study.  Partial action poses of infantrymen and their accoutrements in action. 10 1/2 X 16" unsigned and untitled. $ 250
Puddle.jpg (183381 bytes) JS21.  Figural Studies.  Includes drinking from a puddle and a rather risqué female at the lower right.  Scott used these when preparing for painting compositions.  Unsigned. $ 350
Rally_Flag.jpg (268507 bytes) JS12.  Figural Studies: rallying the flag (two sided).  At left are scans of two figural studies on the front (top) and a larger collage that is drawn on the reverse of this piece of artist's paper.  Unsigned. $ 350
JS20Cadet.jpg (64850 bytes) JS20.  From Julian Scott's sketchbook c. 1875 is a pencil drawing of a West Point Cadet at attention with an admiring lady looking on.  10 X 13" unsigned and untitled. $ 400
JS25ThePhysical.jpg (114551 bytes) JS25.  c. 1875 pencil sketch of a physical examine of recruits.  A subject stands before the surgeon while a scribe awaits the doctor's comments.  A soldier in a M1872 helmet stands in the background while other recruits are in various stages of undress.  Fascinating content.  9 1/2 X 13 with second version on reverse.  $ 600