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The following are for sale and are lifetime guaranteed.  For a more detailed picture, just click the thumbnail.  Please  E-mail me at or call with questions or to place an order.  

Confederate Artifacts
CS_Cutlass.jpg (336636 bytes) Cook & Brother Cutlass.  New to the collecting community and never offered before (vetted at the December, 2016 Franklin, TN show).  This Confederate manufactured and rare example is absolutely authentic and unadulterated.  25 1/2 inches overall with a 20 1/2 inch straight, unmarked blade.  The brass hilt has a fish scale pattern and "Cook & Brother" stamped on the underside of the hilt.   Condition: the guard is heavily bent as shown, otherwise it is sound and complete.  Restoration would be at the discretion of the next owner.  This is a consignment and prospective buyers will be introduced to the current owner.  Reunion Civil War Antiques has the sword and will ship and guarantee its authenticity.   $ SOLD
Virginia Confederate Frock Coat.jpg (27271 bytes) Virginia Confederate Lieutenant's Frock Coat.  With its original period Virginia staff buttons and Crenshaw (Richmond) cloth.  Comes with authentication letter from Les Jensen.  Scattered mothing, mostly along the skirts.  A beautiful example that is as close to "regulation" as you sill find.

See description.

$ 48,000
HydeGoodrichBinoculars.jpg (95137 bytes) Hyde & Goodrich High Quality Field Glasses.  In very nice condition with the mark everyone looks for.  In very nice condition with some of its original gilt.  The leather has been expertly replaced (if I hadn't been told this, I wouldn't have known).  Exceedingly rare and as Southern as you can get.   $ 1,600
Gutterback01a.jpg (14159 bytes) Confederate Frame Buckle.  Gutterback pattern brass frame belt buckle dug in the Shenandoah Valley near New Market.  Purchased from the estate of a third-generation Rude's Hill (New Market, Virginia) resident and absolutely guaranteed. $ 700
ForkedTongueBuckle01a.jpg (10703 bytes) Confederate Forked-tongue Buckle.  Beautiful brass frame belt buckle dug in the Shenandoah Valley near New Market.  Purchased from the estate of a third-generation Rude's Hill (New Market, Virginia) resident and absolutely guaranteed. $ 750
ButtonCSA.jpg (21828 bytes) Confederate Button Page Click on the icon for over 50 examples of the real thing in dug and non-dug condition.

For Sale: Union Artifacts

Union Officer's set.  This wonderful consigned set is a wonderful opportunity for you to be caretaker to a fighting officer's legacy.  Albert Tyler was a mustang who went from private at First Bull Run to Captain in the 27th New York.  After they mustered out, he took a captain's commission in the 121st New York, a fighting unit that claimed 25 major battles.  Click the icon for the list of artifacts and a brief history. $ 15,000
Guidon_Socket.jpg (296795 bytes) Cavalry Guidon Socket.  Original, Civil War period regulation accoutrement.  This example has a broken strap as shown.  These are rare in any condition.   $ 250
JS02.jpg (106964 bytes) Original Soldier Art.  Featuring sketches by Medal of Honor winner Julian Scott.
Enfield Seargents Tool.jpg (299506 bytes) Enfield Sergeant's Tool.  Issued to company non-coms for both the P53 muskets and P56 rifles. $ 200
Mess_Kit.jpg (133486 bytes) Period Mess Tool.  American made and marked example of the classic Period accessory.  In excellent condition. $ SOLD
Stencil_Kit.jpg (171997 bytes) Stencil Kit.  Nice, complete example with original instructions and two stencils. $ 120
Colt_Navy_Bullet_Mold.jpg (91637 bytes) Colt Navy Mold.  Sound, marked .36 caliber example in good condition.  Priced to sell. $ SOLD
Sharps_Linen_Box.jpg (89284 bytes) Full, unopened box of Sharps linen cartridges.  Watervliet Arsenal-marked package dated 1864 as shown.  You will not find a better example.  Guaranteed original.   $ SOLD
Sharps_Linen_Cartridges_Half_Box.jpg (330656 bytes) Half-full box of Sharps linen cartridges.  Original Sharps Company box with five of the original mint linen cartridges.  An awesome display accompaniment for your War-period percussion Sharps carbine or rifle. $ SOLD
Maynards.jpg (33405 bytes) Maynard Carbine Cartridge Packet.  Unopened, original 10-pack of .50 caliber Maynards including percussion caps.   $ 650
58_Minie_Cartridge.jpg (41926 bytes) Cartridges Page.  Click here and see a wide variety of Period cartridges.   
Whitworth_Bullets.jpg (140471 bytes) Whitworth Bullets.  .45 cal. cylindrical pattern in battlefield-recovered and as-cast condition as shown.  These are one of the most sought after bullet patterns of the Civil War.  Priced each. $ 300
GAR Boston 1917.jpg (186414 bytes) GAR Collection.  Please click on the new GAR tab to see as fine a collection of National hangers that you will ever see.
RhodeIslandFirstCav.jpg (92521 bytes) First Rhode Island Cavalry Reunion Ribbon.  Pristine 1886 dated ribbon from a hard-to-find unit. $ 100
John Casper Branner.jpg (21066 bytes) Special collection: the ephemera of John Caspar Danner (1850-1922).  American scientist and second president of Stanford University.  Includes family slavery documents and hand-drawn period illustrations.  Hundreds of pieces of American history. inquire