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Yankee with Enfield.  Sixth plate tintype of a Yankee at the ready with his regulation accoutrements.  In full, book-style case.


Quarter-plate tintype of a Yankee armed with a saber and two Colt army revolvers in front of Union colors!  McDowell kepi, shoulder scales, shoulder sling belt.  In brass matte.


Triple armed.  Sixth-plate ambrotype of a rough-looking Yank from Company D with an 1842 Springfield, Colt Navy and a silver-hilt Sheffield knife.  Half-cased.


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Infantryman with a Sheffield dagger.  Sixth plate tintype.  Great cap, early Model 1816 musket and interesting belt rig.  A very desirable image with lots of details.  
Ambrotype with M1850 Officer Sword.  Ninth-plate of a Union sergeant holding a M1850 foot officer's sword.  In half case as shown.
Sixth-plate Union Infantryman tintype in a full thermoplastic case.  His M1816 musket, shoulder scales and 9-button coat indicate that this is an early-war image.  
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Irish-born Union General James Shields.  Vignette view.
Union General Cyrus Hamlin.  One of the earliest advocates of arming black troops, he lead a  USCT brigade at Port Hudson.
Union General William Rosecrans.  Standing view with major general straps visible.
William Draper enlisted in the 25th Mass as a private and rose to the rank of brevette brigadier general by the end of the War.  WIA at the Wilderness.
Admiral David Dixon Porter.  Mezzotint portrait.  America's second man to hold that rank.
Rear Admiral Samuel du Pont.  E. H. T. Anthony b/m.  A Blockade commander and commander of an ironclad fleet.

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Thomas Rosser, 
Richmond .


John B. Magruder
Anthony b/m
John Breckenridge
Anthony b/m
Sterling Price 
Anthony b/m.


Raphael Semmes
Anthony b/m