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The following are for sale and are lifetime guaranteed.  For a more detailed picture and description, just double click the thumbnail.  E-mail me at with questions or to order.

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Please email me for details about condition, history, etc.
FitchSaber.jpg (26705 bytes) Rare Marked Mounted Cavalry Officer's Saber.  This example has one of the rarest marks, that of James P. Fitch of New York.  That company was in the sword selling business under that name in 1862 only, before becoming Fitch & Waldo (also a rare mark) in 1863.  The Sword and original scabbard are in excellent condition, with two minor scabbard dents near the drag as the only detractions.   $ 2400
cavoff2010.jpg (6725 bytes) Mounted Cavalry Officer's Saber.  Import with unusual light-weight scabbard and rayskin grips.  Has an Indian and eagles etched on the blade.  In excellent condition except for dents in scabbard as shown. $ 1100
Ames 1854.jpg (14626 bytes) Early Mounted Artillery Saber.  Ames with a desirable, pre-war 1854 date and in excellent condition.  One of 1000 made with that date.  The only 'issues' that keep this from being a $1200 sword are some nicks on a sharpened blade edge, a slightly loose D-guard, and mottled (not pitted) iron surfaces.  Hard to find these early dated sabers. $ 900
M1860_Gunsalus_thumb.jpg (15656 bytes) Light Cavalry Saber, ID'd.  1865 dated Ames issued to Martin Gunsalus of the 22nd New York Cavalry.  From his descendant's family now living in Santa Barbara, California.   $ 800
M1860_65Roby_thumb.jpg (23728 bytes) Light Cavalry Saber.  1865 dated Roby.  Blade has good, clear markings and some normal discoloration.  The scabbard is in its original dark finish and excellent save some dents between the rings.   Wire and grip are exceptional.  $ 795
M1860_EmersonSilverThumb.jpg (4369 bytes) Light Cavalry Saber.  1864 dated Emerson and Silver.  Blade is very good to excellent with clear markings.  The scabbard is in its original dark finish and is missing the throat.   Wire and leather grip are very good to excellent.  $ 750
Civil War and earlier bayonets
Images coming British Bayonets for smoothbore muskets.  Monstrous early 19th century examples.  Inquire for dimensional particulars.  Priced each. $ 100
Images coming M1816/1840 bayonet for the musket.  Note: pre-1842 longarm barrels were manufactured without regard to outer diameter precision, so these are not interchangeable.  I will work with you to insure that the one I send you will fit your gun.  Priced each.  $ 150
Images coming Model 1835 bayonets for the Model 1842 musket and rifled musket.   Priced each.   $ 140
Images coming Marine Model 1835 bayonets for the Model 1842 musket and rifled musket.   Tinned for use on brown-water ironclads or a ship of the blockading fleet.   $ 150
Images coming M1855/63 bayonet.  Priced each.  $ 100-125
Images coming P53 Enfield bayonets.  No broad arrows (for export to American armies).  Priced each.  $ 140
Images coming Austrian Lorenze Bayonet.  One left.  I also have a scabbard on the Leather page. 180

BayonetMiss.jpg (2867 bytes)

Mississippi Rifle Bayonet.  This imposing bayonet is for the Colt Conversion of the M1841 rifle.  Serial number 3131.  In very good condition with rough original scabbard (has weak spot in leather but is not broken). $ 325
Indian Wars bayonets
Images coming M1873 bayonets with scabbardsChoice.  $ 80
Images coming Remington Rolling Block Bayonet.   $ 100

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