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The following are for sale and are lifetime guaranteed.  For a more detailed picture and description, just click the thumbnail.  Please  E-mail me at or call with questions or to order.  

WhitworthLock.jpg (18861 bytes) New. Kerr London Armory Whitworth Rifle.  I am extremely privileged to offer this spectacular firearm.  A top tier collector of Confederate arms and images has decided to sell this and agreed to let me post it on my website (after he had presented an award-winning display at the February Santa Barbara Historical Arms Show).  Condition: very good to excellent with minor dings to the wood.  The Kerr's patent mark on the breech is mostly obscured.  The lockplate is clearly marked "1864 LAC" and the breech inspections are crisp (I apologize for the poor photography).  This is the exact gun that is illustrated on page 227 of CONFEDERATE LONGARMS AND PISTOLS, A Pictorial Study by Richard Taylor Hill and William Edward Anthony.  If you are interested in owning this rare Period sharpshooter's firearm, I will forward your inquiry to the owner. $ 12,000
m1861_06.jpg (19628 bytes) Model 1861 Springfield.  This is a complete and original rifle musket with an 1862 dated lockplate, correct swelled ramrod, two strong cartouches and a lot of character.  This model was the workhorse of the early Civil War and this one saw campaigning but was carefully preserved: the normal pitting around the nipple and breech areas were cleaned long ago.  The bore is poor.  An excellent display example (not a shooter) of the most reliable and well thought of longarm of the War. $ 1800
Model 1861 Springfield.  This is a complete and original M1861 rifle musket with an 1863 dated lockplate.  It is either a transition piece or a period repair.  The barrel date is illegible, but has an 1855 or 1861 style bolster.  The ramrod and stock groove are straight (no swell).  It was this way during the War as can be attested by the matching metal condition (pitting around the nipple) and a wonderful wood loss in front of the bolster from extensive firing.  This musket fired a lot of rounds.  A nice example of the workhorse arm of the War. $ 1400
Bridesburg01.jpg (14419 bytes) Bridesburg Model 1861 Rifle Musket.  .58 cal. percussion, with full-length barrel and stock (wood is in overall very good condition).  Action is crisp.  The metal was cleaned some time ago and there is some battle-fire pitting around the M1863 style bolster.  This gun is complete, all original and was absolutely carried in the War..   $ 1500
P58 Enfield .jpg (22413 bytes) Enfield rifle. Two-band P58 (bayonet lug on the barrel band) with Tower 1862 lockplate and long range sites.  Stock maker is marked in the ramrod channel.  Wood has been restored and looks great now.  It has shrunk in places and the metal parts no longer fit perfectly, but they ARE all original parts to this gun. Missing the sling swivels and ramrod.  Made for the export trade (devoid of broad arrows), this is a nice example of what was brought in by both warring American armies. Bore and rifling are very good and the action works fine.  These were commonly issued to the regiment's flanking companies.  I bought this right and am willing to pass it on for half of what I got for the last one of these rare models.    $ HOLD
Model_1816_Harpers_Ferry_1827.jpg (23427 bytes) Model 1816 Harpers Ferry Percussion Conversion.  .69 caliber smoothbore musket with "Belgian" conversion and 1827 dated lockplate.  This musket saw a lot of battle as attested by the heavy pitting around the nipple.  It has never been messed-with and in very good uncleaned 'attic' condition.  An authentic and complexly original smoothbore musket.  This one has a Fourth Corp badge with initials carved into each side of the stock.  $ 1100
M1840Pomeroy.jpg (23188 bytes) Model 1840 Pomeroy Rifled Musket Conversion.  .69 caliber smoothbore musket with 1850's "Belgian" conversion, and 1844 dated lockplate and 1840 dated breech.  Rifled and long-range sited, these were one of the few American firearms that the .69 cal. Minié ball was designed for.  In excellent out-of-the-attic condition with extra-sharp wood and cartouches.  There is pitting from sustained firing around the nipple.  An authentic and completely original longarm in very good condition.  These were in State arsenals when the War broke out and saw great service through most of the War.  $ 1100
Triplett&Scott.jpg (18913 bytes) Triplett & Scott carbine.  Serial number 984.  .50 cal. with unique, swivel breech action.  Marked “Kentucky” on left side of the receiver.  In  very good condition with a very good bore, crisp action, very good markings and good wood.  There is an old 7” crack along the left butt stock following the spring assisted loading tube concealed in the stock (not uncommon for these guns).  The sling swivel at the rear of the butt stock is missing.  A hard-to-find American Civil War era firearm of which only 5,000 were produced. $ 1500
RArmy.jpg (20248 bytes) Remington Army.  Great example of a well-made .44 caliber Civil War sidearm that was "road hard and put away wet".  It is in very good condition with moderate surface wear throughout and partial barrel address.  The action and timing are fine, but a little soft.  Priced to sell. $ 950
Smith&Wesson_Model_2_46622.jpg (20634 bytes) Smith & Wesson Model 2. Serial No. 46622.  .32 cal. with 6" barrel, blue finished with rosewood grips.  In overall very good condition with approximately 60% original finish.  Action is crisp and barrel and 1855-59-60 patent markings sharp.   $ 1,100
Smith&Wesson_Model_2_40552.jpg (20891 bytes) Smith & Wesson Model 2. Serial No. 40552.  .32 cal. with 6" barrel, blue finished with rosewood grips.  In overall very good condition with approximately 30% original finish.  Action is crisp and barrel and 1855-59-60 patent markings sharp. $ 900
Colt_Army_103026.jpg (21592 bytes) Colt Model 1860 Army. .44 caliber regulation percussion revolver manufactured in the first half of 1863 (serial no. 103026, visible numbers are all matching).  This is a gun for the collector who enjoys Period artifacts that actually saw campaigning but were never abused.  Action is tight and rifling is strong. $ 1,600
Colt Navy 13410.jpg (19388 bytes) Colt Model 1851 Navy.  Early, 1852-dated small guard serial number 13410 (all matching including wedge).  .36 caliber percussion revolver with good cylinder scene and a lot of the original silver on the trigger guard and back strap.  This gun was around well before the War, saw a lot of good use, and was well treated.  $ 2,400