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4th SC Letter.jpg (793998 bytes) 4th South Carolina Soldier letter.  Sgt. E. O. Hopkins enlisted as a sergeant in Company C.  The 4th served in Butler's/Dunovant's brigade of Hampton's Division of the Army of Northern Virginal in 1864-65.  His regiment was in the Petersburg defenses when this letter to was written in 1864.  Among other things, he says "it appears that this is the finish of the game with us the wheel must turn soon for good or bad".  Single page and framed with a transcription.   $  200
sb2_015.jpg (69538 bytes) Mississippi, 1861.  Four boxes of Army Stores are sent to Capt. Ed Bales.  The Sataria Rifles became a company in the 12th Mississippi, Army of Northern Virginia and fought from Williamsburg to Appomattox. $   50
sb2_016b.jpg (44282 bytes) Mississippi, 1861: Flintlocks to the Home Guards.  Early war shipment to Grenada Mississippi.  Note on the reverse states "Flintlock". $   50
sb2_017.jpg (129030 bytes) Mississippi Artillery, 1861. Capt. Melancthon Smith receives Army Stores from Samuel G. French at Union City Tennessee when it was still called the Mississippi Army.  Smith went on to be Confederate General William Hardee's chief of artillery. $   50
Brass Buttons 01.jpg (296808 bytes) Confederate Song Lyrics entitled "Brass Buttons" Hand written verses written by an unknown Rebel.  The song takes a shot at Confederate officers and how they have it so much better than the enlisted men.  It mentions 'in General Kirby's army' 'dixie' and 'fighting for liberty', all Southern traits.  The present-tense usage confirms that it was written during the War.  A rare Civil War artifact and perhaps unique.  Paper has separated along a horizontal fold as shown, otherwise in excellent, sound condition (one sheet, hand written front and back).   $  200


Cat. No.
GV-01 Captain James Pope.jpg (239206 bytes) 1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery.  Wonderful single-page order from a captain to his unruly troops.  "Fort Craig March 8th, 1863  Sergt Carter  No member of your tent (with the exception of Farnham who was on guard, will be allowed to pass outside the camp until further order for shouting in a disorderly manner after inspection last night and at various other times.  If the thing is repeated I shall use other means to stop it.  If any of the above members are absent without leave they will be Court Martialed.     James Pope Captain Comdg Post."  Single page, reinforced by being glued onto second paper 

Pope's picture (MOLLUS collection) is not included. 

$    60
GV-02 Nichols_Letters.jpg (629679 bytes) 1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery.  Cpl. Benjamin Nichols Discharge and Letters.  1864-dated end-of-service Eagle discharge, three lengthy letters ( 8 1/2 pages) and a franked 1863 postal cover.  Nichols wrote to his father (Benjamin F. Nichols) from Washington City in May of 1861 (as a recruit), Fort Craig in March of 1863 (as a soldier) and Newport News in June of 1865 (as a civilian).  Nichols was wounded in action in the assault on Petersburg of 6/19/1864.  Excellent condition.

 Nichol's picture (MOLLUS collection) is not included. 

GV-03 1804 Sailors doc.jpg (347770 bytes) 1804-dated "An Act for the Relief and Protection of American Seaman" certificate.  Made out to 15 year-old Benjamin C. Nichols.  In amazingly good condition for First Barbary War period military document.    SOLD
GV-04 Dickenson1.jpg (444094 bytes) Dickenson2.jpg (368340 bytes) 2nd US Sharpshooters.  Two 1862-dated, pay-related documents for William C. Dickenson, Company C (Pennsylvania) Second US Sharpshooters.  Dickenson had qualified as a marksman, but was discharged due to disability in April of 1862.  These original documents clarify his service.  Included is a certificate to enable receipt of pay upon discharge and Form No. 5 recording that pay.  The former is signed by Captain John W. Dewey, Company C.  In good condition with some old taped separations.     SOLD
GV-05 Larabee_1st_NY_Mounted_Rifles.jpg (429996 bytes) 1st NY Mounted Rifles.  Pvt. Win(d)sor W. Larabee was granted this corrected Eagle discharge in 1904 after being listed as a deserter for over forty years!  The 1st Mounted was in dozens of Virginia and North Carolina actions during his period of service.   $    80
GV-06 Durgin_59th_Mass_Pension.jpg (511150 bytes) 59th Massachusetts Infantry.  Original pension certificate for Private Thomas Durgin, Company E, 59th Mass Infantry.  Dated 1891 and in excellent condition.  The 59th were heavily engaged at the Wilderness Spotsylvania, North Anna and Petersburg during Durgin's stint.   $    40
GV-07 Vermont Post Stores.jpg (80061 bytes) Vermont Post Liquidation.  Fascinating inventory of stores sold to the public in March of 1866 at Montpelier and St. Alban's Vermont.  The list is comprehensive of what would be found at such a post and includes many unusual entriesThe biggest sales were for wool blankets, Cavalry ponchos and Infantry overcoats.  One 'set' of 'Pigeon Holes' sold for $1.40 and 36 spit cups went for $1.80.  Three large pages and in excellent condition. $    60
GV-08 47th Mass Comission.jpg (97616 bytes) 47th Mass. Infantry Lieutenant's Commission.  Lt. Albert Townsend received this commission in October of 1862, signed at left by Governor John. A Andrew.   $    40
GV-09 Rhode_Island Artillery Commission.jpg (393151 bytes) Rhode Island Artillery.  Pre-War (1855) State document commissioning Henry Cole II, Lieutenant Colonel of Artillery.  Signed by Gov. William W. Hoppin.  In excellent condition (scanner cut off the seal, which is whole).  SOLD
GV-10 Third Corps Organizational Chart.jpg (474624 bytes) Third Army Corps Organizational Chart.  As sent to veteran Benjamin C. Nichols (1st Mass Heavy Artillery) in the early 20th century.  Includes envelope with Gen. Hooker's likeness.   $    10
    115th Illinois (next 10 items).  4th Corps, Departments of the Ohio and Cumberland.  
TB14-05 115th Illinois 05.jpg (71982 bytes) 115th Illinois Stationery supplies return for December of 1863.  Pre-printed form filled out to twelve company officers while they were in Chattanooga.  The 115th had fought at Chickamauga and Lookout Mountain that fall.  Document has ome insect damage and ink has faded (image shows document folded). $    20
TB14-08 115th Illinois 08.jpg (96330 bytes) 115th Illinois  Requisition for Forage for Colonel Jesse Moore's horses for the month of December, 1863.  Triple signed by Lt. Col. George Poteet who was commanding the regiment while Col. Moore was home on (Christmas?) leave.  $    30
TB14-09 115th Illinois 09.jpg (93836 bytes) 115th Illinois Articles Expended return dated 12/31/63.  Lt. Jerome, RQM lists paper, gunny sacks, mule shoes and horse shoe nails used during the month of January.  Regimental officers were responsible for materials during the war and ran the risk of having to pay for missing items that were not recorded as used or lost.  Hand written on a single section of ledger paper and in excellent condition.  $    20
TB14-12 115th Illinois 12.jpg (54639 bytes) 115th Illinois Company Clothing return dated 1/64.  The 115th lost half their strength at the battle of Chickamauga three months before.  $    40
TB14-16  3rd Maine Worcester.jpg (103271 bytes) 3rd Maine.  Lieutenant Henry P. Worcester’s appointment and pass to serve as Maine’s Inspector General.  Worcester had joined the Third as a corporal and rose through the ranks to Captain.  He fought at First Bull Run, Fair Oaks, Malvern Hill, Second Bull Run, Chantilly, Fredericksburg  and Chancellorsville before accepting this detail and promotion to captain.  The 3rd was one of the Army of the Potomac's real fighting units and was in the Third Corps at Gettysburg.  Single page document is in excellent condition and bears a number of counter signatures relating to his Army pay status.  Picture is not included.   $    60
1st NY Dragoons (next five items).  The Dragoons served in the Cavalry Corps of the Army of the Shenandoah and the Army of the Potomac.  The Dragoons were one of the rare fighting cavalry units having 130 killed or wounded in battle.  Cavalry engagements where they took losses include Todd's Tavern, Yellow Tavern, Trevillian Station, Newtown (Va.), Opequan, Port Republic, Cedar Creek and Five Forks. 
TB14-32 1st NY Dragoons Coy 32.jpg (73550 bytes)  1st NY Dragoons.  Amazing Ordnance Office War Department report threatening Lt. Justis F. Coy for the value of 5 Nosebags, if he doesn't produce records listing them as lost or turned in.  Dated August, 1865, I've got to believe that they were pulling Coy's leg, especially since the records show that he was commissioned captain a year earlier.  Or a fascinating piece of American red tape if it's true as written.  Single page pre-printed form in excellent condition.  $  SOLD
TB14-33 1st NY Dragoons Clute 33.jpg (52872 bytes) 1st NY Dragoons.  Account of Pay and Clothing for Private Wiley Clute.  Includes an unusual "Received on month's advance Pay" remark and a "Lincoln Hospital" date stamp, where he was admitted on August 12, 1864.  Clute rejoined the Dragoons and mustered out with them in 1865.  Partial view of inside shown.  $    40
TB14-34 1st NY Dragoons Wheelock 36.jpg (69619 bytes) 1st NY Dragoons.  Account of Pay and Clothing for Private Corporal Lester Wheelock.  Preprinted form has Elmira Hospital label affixed showing Wheelock there from June 25 to November 25, 1864.  Lester rejoined the Dragoons and mustered out with them in 1865.  $    40
TB14-35 1st NY Dragoons Hyde 35.jpg (59736 bytes) 1st NY Dragoons, Private Lorenzo Hyde buys his saber to take home.  This is the "take home" document everyone hopes to find when found with the relic.  July, 1865 note from Captain Justis Coy (see above) certifying that Pvt. Hyde purchased his "Lt. Cav. Sabre" by agreeing to have its value deducted from his final pay.  Wow.  $    50
TB14-36 2nd New York Cavalry 36.jpg (74834 bytes)  2nd NY Cavalry (Harris Light).  Captain William H. Sanger, Company E., received this receipt after turning in the Company's Nov.-Dec., 1864 Clothing Camp & Garrison Equipage report 'in the field'.  Regimental officers were responsible for materials during the war and ran the risk of having to pay for missing items that were not recorded as used or lost.  The second carried Smith and Sharps, then Spencer carbines.  $    40
TB14-38 4th New York Musician 38.jpg (108417 bytes) 4th New York Infantry.  Musician's Discharge.  John Schindler, the German-born band leader receives his discharge at Fort McHenry due to the Union Army's April, 1862 orders to disband all regimental bands.  Less than five months later, the 4th was devastated at Antietam.  Rare.   $    60
TB14-39 6th New Work Cavalry Musician 39.jpg (107417 bytes) 6th NY Cavalry.  Musician's Discharge and Pay documents.  Corporal Isaac Whelpley, Company B., was discharged due to a Surgeon's Certificate of Disability on July 22, 1862.  Second document is his final pay voucher showing him due $64.84.  Both documents in fine condition.  $    40
TB14-40 9th New York Artillery 40.jpg (101442 bytes) 9th New York Artillery.  Special Clothing Requisition for Company I, in the field (before Petersburg), March 1865.  This was one of the huge Heavy Artillery units that was converted to infantry before being thrown into action at Cold Harbor.  Interesting document showing clothing and tents requested and signed by Captain Sullivan Lamoreaux, Lt. J. W. Rice, Lt. Col. J. W. Snyder and Captain Phillip Freoff.    $    50
TB14-42 65th New York Scudder 42.jpg (85375 bytes) 65th New York Infantry (First Chasseurs).  Discharge for 35 year-old Private Nelson Scudder due to a surgeon's Certificate of Disability and dated May 1, 1862.  Nelson had one of those cool chasseur's uniforms when he went to war.  $    30
TB14-43 First NHHA USSS Alonzo Day 43.jpg (106260 bytes)

1st New Hampshire Heavy Artillery.  Eagle Discharge for Sergeant Alonzo Day.   Day enlisted on 4/18/1861 as a private in Company C, 1st NH Infantry.  He was mustered out so that he could join Company E of the 1st US Sharpshooters on September 9, 1861.  In September of 1862 he was commissioned second lieutenant in the 10th New Hampshire Infantry and resigned that commission in April of 1864.  The following September, he joined the 1st NH Heavy Artillery as a first sergeant and served with them through the end of the War.

 $  120
TB14-44 96th NY Barnes 44.jpg (37636 bytes) 96th New York Infantry.  Bounty receipt from the town of Essex, New York for a whopping bounty of $450 and dated March 21, 1864.  Received by 35 year-old Hiram Barnes.  By the time Barnes joined the regiment, it was in the 18th Corps serving with the Army of the James.  He was captured at the 1864 battle at Fair Oaks and taken to North Carolina where he was paroled.  He mustered out with the regiment at the end of the war.  $    40
TB14-45  Lincoln Hospital Steward_sm.jpg (15620 bytes) Lincoln Hospital (Washington) hospital steward letter.  Amos Avery writes a quaint letter full of family news to his aunt Prudence Avery.  Amos was enamored with his female cousins and comes across as love struck towards anything with a skirt and a smile.  Dated February 11, 1865, the letter has been fully transcribed.  The original is faint and coming apart at the folds.  I have been unable to verify a young Amos Avery who would have been in Washington, so he may be a civilian aide.  Still an entertaining Period letter, especially if you have an Avery in your past.  $    40
TB14-49 Ohio Militia 49.jpg (82232 bytes) Ohio Militia Appointment (rare).  James Slemons receives that appointment of fourth corporal in the 44th Battalion of Infantry Ohio Volunteer Militia.  Effective July 13, 1863, this may have been in response to Morgan's raid which was underway at that time.    $    40
TB14-53 120th Indiana Helmick 53.jpg (78739 bytes) 120th Indiana.   One page letter from Levi Helmick to his wife Lucinda as his regiment's prepared for departure on the Atlanta Campaign.  Dated May 2, 1864.  From The Union Army, vol. 3, p. 178.  "Moving May 2 in the Atlanta campaign, it [the 120th] was engaged at Rocky Face Ridge, Resaca, taking a conspicuous part and joining in the charge which routed the enemy; in the assault of Kennesaw Mountain, and in the battle before Atlanta, July 22."  The 120th fought in the Atlanta campaign and at Kinston, North Carolina.  $    80
TB14-55 7th Corps Brigade Band 055.jpg (99347 bytes) 7th AC Brigade Band.  Muster & Pay Roll is dated August 1863, one year after these fourteen men enlisted in New Hampshire.  Full-sized standard muster sheet showing pay to each.  Condition is fragile with separations along folds.  A rare document relating to musicians after the regimental bands were disbanded.   $  100
TB14-56 1st Kentucky McClellan 056.jpg (99477 bytes) 1st Kentucky Cavalry (US).  Discharge for 19 year old William W. McClellan at the expiration date of his term of service.  McClellan, who joined after the War's end (May 12 to August 12, 1865), was a Virginian (from Scott County) who chose to take part in the wind-down activities on the winner's side.  A Pension Stamp on the reverse shows that he used his short service to the greatest advantage.  An interesting piece.  $    50
TB14-57 6th Tennessee Cavalry Trim 57.jpg (109241 bytes) 6th Tennessee Cavalry (US).  Disability discharge of Private James Trim, Company L, dated July 11, after the War's end.  Causes listed are "Chronic Rheumatism and Diarrhea contracted while in the line of duty".  The document shows that he hadn't been paid since August of 1864.  The 6th campaigned in Tennessee and Mississippi, and repeatedly fought Nathan Bedford Forest's cavalry (fifteen of them were taken prisoner during Forrest's infamous attack on Fort Pillow on April 12 1864).    $    60
TB14-59  Paymaster Coates Kinney 59.jpg (91331 bytes) Paymaster Statement.  Regulation pre-printed form showing that (Major) Coates Kinney received and was responsible for $121,114.30 (and then paid out 59,299.29 to Union troops) in October of 1862.  Shown folded.  $    40
TB14-61 10th Vermont discharge 61.jpg (118792 bytes) 10th Vermont.   Discharge for promotion for First Sergeant Charles Wheeler so that he could accept a lieutenant's commission.  Wheeler was a 'mustang' who joined the 10th as a private in September of 1862 and was promoted to corporal the following January, sergeant in July of 1864, second lieutenant in August and first lieutenant in February of 1865.  One month later, he resigned his commission and took over the role of regimental quartermaster sergeant.  The 10th fought in the 3rd and 6th Army Corps in the East and suffered 150 battle casualties.  The records show that Wheeler was wounded in October of 1864 at Cedar Creek.     $    80
TB14-63 Wesleyan College Letter 63.jpg (59496 bytes) Wesleyan University letter.   Unsigned, undated letter from a student and club singer.  A note that says that the letter was to cousin Olive McClure of Springville, Erie Co., N.Y. is no longer substantiated.  The letter mentions cousin Dennis who was involved in the Red River campaign, so the letter is likely from 1864.  It also discusses his singing quintet called "The College Boys" who tour New York between sessions.  An interesting and typical family-centric letter from the Period.   SOLD
TB14-64 War Spring 64.jpg (106444 bytes) The War Spring.  Period, undated, handwritten copy from a Southern newspaper.  "The War Spring Dried Up.  The Fredericksburg correspondent of the Tallahassee Floridian tells the following strange story:  While speaking of peace, there is a legend connected with a spring near Fredericksburg, which I will relate for the benefit of the curious.  According to tradition, this spring was discovered running three months before the Revolutionary war.  Three months before a treaty of peace it dried up and ceased to run.  It commenced running again three months before the war of 1812, and ceased three months before its close, and so with the Mexican war.  Three months before the fall of Fort Sumpter (sic) it again commenced running, and a short time since dried up.  I give you as my author for this and aged man who was born and is living near the spring, and who has considerable property, and offers to bet it all that we will have peace in three months from the drying up of the spring."   $    40


ILL01 11th_Ill_Cavalry_01.jpg (170932 bytes) 11th Illinois Cavalry.  Special Requisition Form No. 40 written in July of 1864 at Vicksburg.  Lt. Gray asks for and receives "Cavalry Hats, Haversacks, Unlined Blouses, Pants, Knit Shirts, Drawers, Socks, Boots, Ponchos, Blankets and Canteens with straps."  The 11th campaigned mainly in Tennessee and Mississippi losing five killed a Shiloh.  Document is in good condition with frayed edges as shown.  8 1/2 X 14 inches.  $    40
105th PA Infantry.  General Order by General Francis Edward Pierce.  Captain Isaac Platt  is removed and replaced by Captain Charles E. Patton as Brigade Officer of the Day.  Possibly a portent of Platt being discharged from the Army one month later.  Patton was shot through both thighs and killed at Boydton Plank Road that same month of October. $40